dump1090 Collectd graphs and automated Installation script

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on my new blog! I’m happy to announce that I have an alpha-version of my automated installation script available. The purpose of this script is to make the progress of installing collectd and generating data from dump1090 to be used in rrd graphs. it can be quite a hassle but by using my script you should get a good base from where you can continue to customize it to fit to your personal needs.

this script allows you to make graphs like this:
Raspberry pi graphs raspberry pi graphs

(for more graphs see this page)

If you cannot get it to work/get stuck at any point, drop me a post/message in this thread over at planefinder.net.

The script/program is in a what I call “volatile” state. This means that I will be updating it quite often to make some fixes or expand the functionality!

This first version of the script makes some basic assumptions (a more versatile/flexible script is already being made):
1. you have a raspberry pi which has the home directory named as /home/pi
2. you have dump1090-mutability running, installed with the sudo apt-get package method.



this should start the installation process, printing some information along the way.
if it goes according to plan it will ask you to check if the graphs are showing/working, so go to your browser and check if that is the case.

if you can see the graphs, enable automatic graph generation by running:

that’s it for installation! (Note, it can say “no crontab for root” if you run the crontab command once, if that is the case, just rerun it and it should not display that message anymore)